I am a wife, parent, teacher and life enthusiast in and around Vancouver, Canada.  This blog is a way to reflect on and share the joy and gratitude I have found in my daily life…

My first goal was to post every day for 100 days and see where it would go. Some days were challenging! Over that time I started to see more clearly the things that were most interesting and meaningful to me… Perspective is a luxury in a busy household with small children, working parents and high expectations.

I enjoyed the challenge of writing and sharing so much that long past those first 100 days I remain inspired to continue…

Writing at the intersection of working teacher, exhausted parent, caring wife and creative independent adult, I am still at the beginning of this learning journey. I am intensely curious about how our world is interconnected and thrilled by the ability to be part of that conversation… thank you for joining me!

If you are interested in my “teacher journey” join me on my classroom blog – Mrs. Martini’s Grade 5 Jive  

I hope to see you there!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jessica says:

    Sounds exciting, I’m looking forward to more of this journey. Congratulations on keeping it up in the midst of everything!


    • Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment – I was in need of some inspiration! it can be exciting and terrifying all on the same day, and sometimes quiet too. But the joy is, of course, in the journey. Plus sharing it makes me look at everything from a different perspective all over again – twice the joy!

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