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Granville Island (Volume 3)…

Another gorgeous day, another chance to get out into our city… (so grateful for the people and places that make it wonderful for us…)


We try to get to Granville Island as often as possible.  It is one of my favourite parts of my hometown, probably because I have so many happy childhood memories of wandering around the market and taking in all of the sights and sounds.  I want my children to have the same happy memories and connections to the places that keep Vancouver alive for me…


I have shared pictures from visits before (twice actually) but every time we go I love it and (of course) take endless photos.

IMG_6740  IMG_6743 IMG_6746

Boats, sunshine, saltwater, sandy beaches…


I have the best memories of declaring as a small child that I would live my grown up life right here, in False Creek…  I haven’t had a chance to follow through on that promise yet, but there might still be time…


I hope your day, wherever it takes you, has a tiny bit of sunshine and flowers to carry you through.



9 thoughts on “Granville Island (Volume 3)…

    • Thank you so much! I enjoyed your blog too – capturing the tiny joys and beauties of our daily life is so meaningful for me… especially when we can connect with other people doing the same thing. Keep going!


  1. Seattle Park Lover says:

    One of my happy memories is going to Vancouver for my birthday weekend many years ago. We went to Granville, and it was unusually warm for February, so we bought food at the market and had a picnic looking out over the water. It was a wonderful day!


    • Absolutely! Boats and beaches are at the top of the list for summer fun around here. I am grateful that we are lucky enough to have the chance! My grandparents came to the Pacific Coast from the Canadian prairies especially for the ocean – they lived on a tiny island where my grandfather was a fisherman. I feel like the water runs through us – and I can’t help but take picture after picture when I have the chance! I love the same thing about your posts – you always capture the light and the water so beautifully. Thanks for reading!

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  2. I can still point out the apartment you said you were going to live in. Remember that you come from the “3 Greenhorns’ who at one time owned all of False Creek” We all could have lived there!


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