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Our summer is almost over, but it has been an amazing one.  Now that G.Jr. is growing up we are able to cover a lot of ground in our favourite town, and have really taken family field trips to the next level…  The weather has been wonderful, and we had many days of sun and exploration to take advantage of.  I have written about many of our favourite Vancouver hangouts over the last two years, but this year we ventured even further afield.  New to us this year: the Museum of Biodiversity at the University of British Columbia.  (I owe this one to one of our Kindergarten students last year.  If he hadn’t gone and loved it so much we would never have gone… we’re so glad that we did!)

The museum is right in the middle of the university campus, and the building is built around an amazing blue whale skeleton which is more stunning in real life than these pictures can convey:


The first thing we did after going in to the museum was watch the movie about the search for, discovery of and excavation of the skeleton – shockingly we were all enthralled for the entire 45 minutes, and my little people are still talking about the amazing adventure the scientists had to get the skeleton across the country and installed in the museum.  Wow!  (Side note: we were stuck in traffic on our way off campus and got passed by the lead scientist from the movie on his bicycle.  The kids wanted me to roll down the windows so they could yell “we loved your movie!”)

IMG_6940 IMG_6941

The rest of the museum is even more fun… there are (almost) endless things to look at and so much to play with too.  A little history…


…a little art…


…a little craft (we made these origami butterflies to hang up on the museum display – so I guess our work is hanging in a museum!)…


…and a lot of fooling around:


For quieter moments there are games to play… (ladybug bingo?)…


…and scientific pursuits…


…but the best part is the opening and closing of the specimen drawers, scientifically classified and endlessly entertaining with tiny treasures and curious collections:

IMG_6970 IMG_6971  IMG_6973 IMG_6974 IMG_6976 IMG_6978 IMG_6983

On our way out I paused to admire the little wilderness they have created in the middle of the (seemingly) never ending university expanding construction…


“We should preserve every scrap of biodiversity as priceless while we learn to use it and come to understand what it means to humanity.” (E.O.Wilson)

Find out more about the UBC Museum of Biodiversity here, and keep fighting for the diversity of life in those tiny wildernesses that are disappearing day by day…  it seems like the littlest things are in need of the greatest champions.


4 thoughts on “Biodiversity…

    • We try to have fun wherever we find ourselves. This summer it was especially wonderful to be around though… we live in an amazing place and are fortunate to have access to all it has to offer! I know you love it as much as we do – Vancouver is a hard city to leave when the sun is shining! (I might be telling a different tale come mid-winter.)


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