Places to Go

European Festival (Volume 2)…

In the blink of an eye summer has begun and full-swing festival season is upon us.  The weather has been wonderful and the weekends full of opportunities to be out and about, but we are still a little wistful about last summer and our amazing European vacation. The European Festival was a good opportunity for us to get our fix of all things European, and so we did!  Beginning, of course, with the childrens’ passports. My little list maker was on task and focused so we were sure to collect a complete set of stamps:



I always love the cultural displays. There is nowhere else in town I could possibly find this much embroidery and pottery all in one place…

IMG_6257 IMG_6258 IMG_6259

One of the things I miss from Europe – slivovica!

IMG_6260 IMG_6261 IMG_6262 IMG_6263

Gorgeous pysanki – Miss G. tried her hand at the age old art for the first time too!

IMG_6264 IMG_6265 IMG_6267 IMG_6269

Boleslawiec from Poland… If I ever get there I will load my suitcase with these lovely pieces…

IMG_6270 IMG_6271

Amazing dancing…


…which put us in the mood for a little recreation of our own…

IMG_6275 IMG_6283

…before running into our favourite traveling minstrels! (Named after my favourite brandy. Coincidence?)

IMG_6287 IMG_6293 IMG_6295

This year the feature country was Turkey. Their booth was gorgeous too… Hopefully we will get there in person someday soon…

IMG_6288 IMG_6290 IMG_6291 IMG_6292 On our way past the food carts we ran into Uncle Trevor and his yummy looking snack…


…but we hadn’t finished seeing the cultural displays. Back on task!


IMG_6302 IMG_6304 IMG_6305 IMG_6306

One more pass by the grand stage…


…and a quick moment to relax before heading out into the sunset…

IMG_6308 IMG_6323

…only the beginning of a summer of adventures. So many places in the world to wander…


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