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21st Century Flea Market…

One thing we love to do as a family is a kind of wandering treasure quest/scavenger hunt – I like to call it “looking for something to find”.  These journeys have taken us to lots of interesting places: Fort Langley, Cloverdale, Burnaby Village, and even around a good portion of Central Europe.  I was raised with a great enthusiasm for the quirky and the historic (good work Mimi…), and then supplemented my small income as a student by accompanying a good friend with a great eye (thanks secondhand Rose…) on picking trips for her shop in Victoria.  After all these years I still love the hunt for timeless items with great design and a story to tell. In spite of my love for all things vintage we had never been to the local 21st Century Flea Market…  how can that be?  With a few flexible hours on a recent weekend we wandered down to check it out…

Here’s what we found on our pilgrimage:


…a taxidermied bird…


…tins and bins and an old rotary phone…


…phonographs, radios…


…a very stylish typewriter (one of many, in working condition!)…


…fancy hats and figurines…


…my favourite – Scandinavian dishes…


…vintage typewriter to contrast with the modern… And so VERY much more to oooh and ahhh over that I barely had time for photos.


The flea is held in the Croatian cultural centre which has its own special historical displays – they are putting me in the mood for the European Festival coming up next week!



After a full morning of treasure hunting we had worked up a substantial appetite… Time to dine.  For our family brunch we ended up at Biercraft on Commercial:


Super mimosas…


…accompanied by all manner of breakfast classics…




…and the best part, of course, is the time spent sharing company and curiosity; no greater pastime on a rainy spring Sunday…


“Things that are old
In antique shops they are sold.
From collectors books
to long rusty window hooks.
All dusty, which have seen better days,
overlooked by paintings of a bygone age.
If we could peel away all life’s grime
treasures I’m sure we would soon find.
So next time you see an antiquity of desire,
give thought to the person who sought to inspire…”
(J.J. Evendon)


7 thoughts on “21st Century Flea Market…

    • It was lots of fun. We didn’t buy anything! Torn between some classic Pyrex bowls and the sweet stacks of Norwegian plates… Waiting until AFTER our kitchen renovating to commit… (Mr. Martini did find some vintage fisher price during the citywide garage sale though… He needs one of those “I brake for yard sales” bumper stickers…)


    • I’m a little bit the same- I don’t like big stores – it always seems like there are too many people and not enough air! Flea markets are fun, though, because of the surprise involved I suppose. I also love the “characters” – there are so many interesting people to see and talk to. At this market the man selling the taxidermied bird was wearing a rainbow velvet suit and platform boots! It’s so nice to go places where things are not the same as everywhere else. My kids love it too… Miss G. says that people in stores are never happy, but people at markets are always happy. Hmmm…

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