From the art room...

Homage to Matisse…

When I was very young – probably the same age Miss G. is now – I had a tshirt with abstract colours and shapes that read “homage to Matisse”…

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know and love his work. From the earliest realistic paintings, through the richly textured and coloured impressionist years, to the wonderful paper collages… The art of Henri Matisse inspires and impresses me without fail.

No one knows this more than Mimi, and in our Easter basket this Spring we found this treasure:  Matisse’s Garden is a beautifully illustrated story of Matisse’s later years, when colour and shape drove the artistic muse to make innovative collages and grand scale canvases with striking images.    I loved every page of this book – it reminded me of another lovely paper collage book written and illustrated by a friend of mine from university which I have carried from place to place for the last fifteen years:  

Isn’t it lovely? We had all written books for our literature class and I raved about this friend’s book so intensely that he printed, bound and autographed a copy just for me… I still read it aloud to at least one class every year.

My love of Monsieur Matisse’s abstract expression swells whenever I see children’s art inspired by his example; these collages by first grade artists have just the right balance of modesty and innovation. (The best art by children is always a result of this wonderful combination…)

Simply, beautiful. What is beautiful in your world today?


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