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Earth Month…

These pictures have been hanging in our primary hallway for a week or two… Every time I have walked past I have enjoyed their bright colours but I didn’t stop to look closely at them until I was passing by with one of our kindergarten students. “Why are those pictures in jail?” he asked me. Why indeed? It occurred to me then that the world we love is in fact “in jail”, and our use/abuse of it doesn’t show signs of easing any time soon. 

How can we be holding our planet hostage while holding our own extravagant desires in such high regard?  Our picture of the world around us is fragmented by the constant strain we put on it… no wonder we can’t see clearly.


Each one of these picture shows an idyllic landscape, but reminds us that the both the earth and our visions of it are seriously distorted…


Last week Miss G. came home from school with a large, blank piece of paper and a mission. As it is earth month, her school was having an environmental poster challenge; make a poster to convey a message using recycled and recyclable materials… She was inspired…

Here in the Pacific Northwest our daily lives are closely connected to the ocean… it was the perfect candidate for some environmental research…




The ocean makes up 70% of our planet and currently contains enough plastic garbage to stack to the moon and back twice. Find out more here and here







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