From the classroom...


I just spent a gorgeous sunny Saturday with 200 other passionate people talking about and celebrating education – thank you edcamp for inspiring me (again!) to be a learner as much as a teacher on this journey…

The best part of edcamp is the people – many ages, many levels of connection to education, and many many diverse talents. It is a fantastic opportunity for inspiration, connection and collaboration. It is the reason I became a teacher – to be passionate in a community of people who share that same enthusiasm for life and learning…

Today’s story in pictures:




Questions!  I don’t have answers for them all, but I don’t think the point is the answers. I think the point is the conversations. That is the power of edcamp for me – so many people are having conversations about teaching and learning. Awesome.


We teach kids. And in the process, we learn. A lot.

I’m still processing the many thoughts and ideas that filtered through my day and, just like at my last edcamp experience, I’m amazed and encouraged by the ways the different ideas are in sync – it makes me feel like we are moving in the right direction. I think the most important thing is to keep having the conversation. It is the most important one we could have, and I look forward to sharing more thoughts here as we continue making connections together.



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