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Stories from the Refrigerator Door…


Those of you who have children will know that the refrigerator door is a pivotal place – more than a gallery, it is where all of the thoughts and images of our creative (messy!) household are gathered together and celebrated…

Sometimes finding the party invitation or school notice underneath it all can be a kind of archaeological dig in progress. My children love to hang their current projects and experiments (with our crazy collection of magnets – from places we have visited, art exhibits we have loved, school projects, gifts from friends, re-purposed bottle caps…) so that we can compliment, comment and collaborate on them.  Each piece represents a moment: an idea, inspiration or curiosity that has come to fruition at the hands of one (or both) of my children; messy as it seems to the casual visitor, the refrigerator door is a sacred place…


My daughter hangs her attempts at poetry (and cursive) to share with the family, and adds portraits she has drawn…

IMG_3164 IMG_3165

Looking at her words and pictures fills me with hope, because they come with such love from the most genuine heart…IMG_3158

My son experiments with art in ways that sometimes seem beyond his age… He has the example of an artistic older sibling to inspire him (and free access to all her best art supplies too…)IMG_3341

As the two “artists” created piece after piece over the last few months our refrigerator really became a collage in progress. Each and every picture hanging on the door is as unique as the child that made it and I love them all, but the thing I love best about my kitchen is the conversations that happen while we are standing around in it together…


Each layer of excavation reveals another work of art, and another glimpse into the complex thoughtful world of my children.IMG_3340

Their visions and creations remind me that art (and life) should have no limits.  Their creativity goes on and on – as long as there is paper to cut and glue to use they can build a world out of their own imagination…


Their landscapes show their moods and thoughts – their energy and excitement…IMG_3307

Their sculptures mimic life or create a version that they would like to see…IMG_3160 IMG_3163 IMG_0452

Do you still look at the world around you with wonder?  Do simple things inspire you to create and construct?  Are you filled with the desire to make this world better and more beautiful by what you bring to it?



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