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Reluctant Spring…

After all these weeks of looking forward to spring it was a bit of an anti-climax when it finally arrived. Instead of the grand celebration I was anticipating, spring limped in under the thick grey rain clouds we associate with Vancouver winters…


For the first few days the new season was mostly unnoticeable. I found myself feeling foggy as well – the idea of a greeting the season with energy or enthusiasm was the furthest thing from my mind…IMG_5628

With the weather being obstinate, I couldn’t imagine even beginning all the projects on my list. The garden lingered in winter. The chores piled up. The rain continued to fall, and fall. And fall. Sigh.  What is it about the weather that is so easily reflected in the general mood? Why are the forces of nature so powerful over my own actions?


It’s as if the whole world is waiting, dormant, for a sign to begin the new season in earnest.

As a teacher I know that once we begin this final push there will be no rest until the summer.  Each week of the final school term is an ever increasing cycle of events, activities and obstacles to overcome.  As a parent I am extra aware of the carousel of birthday parties, performances and festivities to come, spinning faster and faster until we are just holding on until the end of the ride…

The idea of mounting the strength to begin is sometimes overwhelming! Maybe the wild world of weather has the right idea…

And so we wait.


We pause in the moment, not quite through with one season and not quite into the next, where past and future overlap and remind us to be completely present.  It’s a gift, of course.  The ability to be still, to rest and observe, is a skill that doesn’t always come naturally to use but is so abundant in nature!  IMG_8262

The birds and bugs and buds of spring have waited all through the winter, patiently, for their moment to begin their business of Spring.  They know not to rush the moment.  They wait.IMG_5630

“Deep in their roots all flowers keep the light.” (Theodore Roethke)


What strength do I have for the demands of Spring deep in my own roots and reserve?  What gifts do I need to discover in this moment of pause before beginning the tasks of the new season?  IMG_5632

I have discovered, over many many seasons, that the gifts I need for every task and challenge are most often present in the people all around me… just like the flowers waiting to grow in my sadly neglected garden, I am surrounded by a colourful collection of talented and gifted people who make my life so much more than I could on my own…IMG_5637

I have been gifted with a group of people who are exactly the ones I need to make the most of the seasons of my life.  Someone to encourage, someone to challenge, someone to celebrate, someone to love, someone to nurture, someone to grow with…  I am grateful for each friend and the strength you give me.  Your time and presence are great gifts!IMG_8277

And then… The clouds break. The wind blows in just breezily enough to blow them away and clear the cobwebs from my mind. The fresh air finally breaks through the fog that has been weighing me down and I see the signs of spring with their persistent optimism… I am revived.IMG_2308


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