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Festival du Bois …

Hard to believe, but we have come to the beginning of another “festival season” – kicked off with the great French Canadian traditions showcased at Festival du Bois.  We shared our family visit last year in cold and slushy weather, but this year we were lucky enough to spend a sunny almost spring day hanging out for the music, food and cultural celebration… Ironically,  two of us spent the night before at Sam Roberts’ concert (speaking of French Canadian culture…) so this sunny afternoon was kind of an extension of that experience for the junior set… Let the games begin!



IMG_5582 IMG_5586



Of course the frog hats (and the plaid shirts) are the traditional attire of the francophones…

IMG_5589  IMG_7282

We didn’t arrive in time to see our friends in Alouest, but we did get a chance to see the Will Stroet Band live – and to rock out on stage with the band.  Woo hoo!  That level of excitement requires a certain level of sustenance – fortunately there was a sugar shack on site…


Suitably refreshed we wandered through the park to see the historical displays…

IMG_5604 IMG_5735 IMG_5736

…and then across to Place des Arts …

IMG_5605 IMG_5608

…before heading home from Notre Dame de Lourdes…


…already looking forward to next year!  Today’s bonus: some fantastic photos from Mimi’s camera.  (She has the patience to wait for the perfect moment.  Must come from trying to photograph grandkids and pets so often.)  Enjoy!

IMG_7244 IMG_7300 IMG_7258 IMG_7297

We are so glad to be part of such a fantastic community with so much culture!  We are already looking forward to going next year…


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