Places to Go

Europe…Vintage Cars

Another one for the car lovers in our midst… I have  been a fan of vintage European cars since before they were vintage – as we are aging together I think it’s important to give them some well deserved love and attention.  Of course, for a North American girl, the best way to find European vintage is to visit Europe!  As we travelled around this summer I was thrilled to see so many well cared for classics out and about as daily drivers.  For your entertainment: In Grisignana… IMG_0851 IMG_0868 In Rovigno… IMG_1265 In Pola… IMG_1485 In Buie… IMG_1506 IMG_1762 IMG_1791 IMG_1794 IMG_1797 In Firenze… IMG_2471 IMG_2472 IMG_2649 In Pisa… IMG_2768 Driving north (the further north we went, the more volkswagens we saw…) a gorgeous Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus with a split window coming up behind us on the freeway… IMG_2824 …and heading off (maybe home to Switzerland?) IMG_2822 In Bellagio… IMG_2976 (Lago di Como in the background…) IMG_2998 IMG_3000 IMG_3003 Sirmione (Lago di Garda in the background…) DSCN3628 In Trieste… IMG_3826 IMG_3829 IMG_3942 IMG_3946 …and in Renata and Ferruccio’s garage in Cranzetti.  I am hopeful that they will lend this one to me next time… IMG_3995 Looking through these photos is making me wish for spring time weather so that our own classic car can get out of the garage and back on the road!  Wherever your road leads you today, I hope it’s filled with fun and adventure…


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