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Europe…Grocery Stores and Markets

Although things have been busy as usual around here, many of our friends and family are deep in the mid-winter blues and dreaming about spring… Whenever I get a moment of feeling blue these days I spend some time reminiscing about our summer holiday in Europe.  I posted so many photos that you might have felt like you were there with us, but I saved some special ones for just this time when I knew I would be dreaming of the next holiday.

One of my favourite things to do on any trip is investigate the various grocery stores.  It is extra fun to do so in foreign countries!  You really never know what you might find. Continental Europe has a fascination with English and uses it rampantly on random products. While Nonna shopped I had many laughs with the children trying to find strange and silly examples on the shelves. Also fun and fascinating: searching for unique products that don’t exist in our part of the world. Every place has its own specialty, and we were in the land of my favourites!  Bread, pastries, cheese, sausage, ice cream, wine… I was in love.  Every time we shopped it was like being in the best European deli ever, except it really was Europe… Delicious.

Fun with labels:

IMG_0691  IMG_0699 IMG_0702

Off the shelf options that are gourmet wish lists here at home:

IMG_0701 IMG_1482 IMG_1483

First sign that Europeans take their coffee very seriously:


Endless sangria mixing options:

IMG_1688 IMG_1690

Pastry case from paradise: (this one is in Venice – the meringues alone are making my mouth water…)


Chocolate bar aisle in Switzerland: (very serious – do not fool around with less than amazing chocolate…)


Things I wish I could buy at our local:

IMG_0692 IMG_0700 IMG_1484 IMG_3514 IMG_3757 IMG_3961

IMG_3516 IMG_2734 DSCN3108

The largest (and cheapest) selection of wine and (Mr. Martini approved) beer:

IMG_3809 IMG_3756 IMG_2262 IMG_1702 IMG_1701 IMG_1522 IMG_1062 IMG_0705

This five litre bottle of wine was 20$.  20$.  Why am I still here?!

IMG_0697 IMG_0696

Grocery store takeout: (one million times better than the hot dog stand at Costco, and cheaper…)

IMG_1698 IMG_1699 IMG_1700

But the very very best thing about being a food lover in Europe is the easy abundance of roadside groceries…










These photos are just a tiny slice of a pretty wonderful  holiday – I hope your world has something delicious in stock to tide you over until your next vacation too!


4 thoughts on “Europe…Grocery Stores and Markets

    • Something so familiar but exotic about it… We were amazed at the variety and in Croatia especially the low cost! Good thing we have a luggage scale – my husband was able to keep me from overloading our bags with edible souvenirs.

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