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The first week of winter and the last week of Advent… a time to love and be loved.

It is not always easy to love others in the process of daily life.  People can be difficult, and we can feel unloveable ourselves.  The world can be harsh.  Some people are easy to love, and some (maybe those who need it the most) are seemingly impossible.  There is a lot of unhappiness in the world.  Sometimes this seems like all I can see.

This past weekend we indulged in a movie night to catch up on some of the Christmas classics.  I wasn’t really thinking about the state of the world or loving the people in it, but these words from the narrator leapt out at me right at the end of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”:

“Poor, misguided folks.  They missed the whole point.  Lots of unhappiness?  Maybe so.  But doesn’t Santa take a little bit of that unhappiness away?  Doesn’t a smile on Christmas morning scratch out a tear cried on a sadder day?  Not much, maybe.  But what would happen if we all tried to be like Santa and learned to give as only he can give: of ourselves, our talents, our love and our hearts?  Maybe we could all learn Santa’s beautiful lesson, and maybe there would finally be peace on Earth and good will toward men.”


In a season when love is all around us, I am stretching to send a message of love even when it doesn’t come easily.  If my own tiny effort can help someone else do the same then the world can only be better from the effort…



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