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During the darkness of this late fall season we are challenged to find ways to brighten our world.  Advent, as the season of preparation before Christmas, is one of my favourite times of year because these weeks of anticipation  give me a chance to appreciate the many gifts I have been blessed with, and to reflect on the ways that I can do better to bring light into the lives of others.


The lighting of the candles is a tradition from our church that I am fiercely devoted to.  Although there are many different ways to mark the weeks as they pass before Christmas and the gradual return to light I have always loved the candles and the virtues they can represent.  The first candle – four short weeks before Christmas – symbolizes HOPE.


So much more than making a wish and hoping for it to come true, hope is the virtue that holds us steadfast in the face of trial and frustration.  Hope is not just wishing for the light to return in the dark – hope exists because we know that it will.  It is the confidence in the possibility of the fulfillment of all that is good.  (Right out of the dictionary!)  Hope is therefore intricately connected to faith – that other virtue of spirit that creates an indomitable force for light by strong unshakeable belief without proof or evidence… hope.


We have hope at the end of each day because we know the earth will turn as we dream and bring us again to the light of the sun…


We have hope for the life of each child we know and love, as we see the “freshness and promise” they bring to their days and our world…


We have hope that the green life in our garden will return in the Spring, even though signs of its’ existence are hard to come by in this cold season…


Hope is the optimistic expectancy that allows us to have confidence that God and goodness will remain with us in all things. It is the innate belief that light and love will carry us through.  During this first week of Advent it is my challenge to let the sureness of hope fill me up enough to carry me through…

“Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light.” (Theodore Roethke)


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