Places to Go

Stella Maris…


(This picture is for Tia…)

Beach! After a few busy days of touring around we took a break and found our old spot at Stella Maris – we settled in for a few hours of splashing around in the salt water and gazing out at the Adriatic sea. (So lovely!) The salty water is easy to float in and the kids had tons of fun playing “shipwreck” – they have recently been heavily influenced by Gilligan’s Island…




The rocky coast of Istria is a gorgeous place to enjoy the sea – there are so many beaches to choose from, but this one, near Monterol,  is one we have returned to over and over again because the crowds from the resort gather around the lagoon and leave the stretch along the open sea almost empty; just the way we like it…





Once we were all splashed out we wandered down the boardwalk in search of lunch…

You don’t have to go far in this part of the world as it caters to hungry travelers and has so much to offer.


Sadly, we were too early again for the house specialty, so we turned to a regular favourite – pizza! – and ordered a Quattro Stagione with another favourite: schweppes bitter lemon. (Why can’t we buy this in Canada? It is deliciously addictive.  Side note: we also discovered a new favourite – San Pellegrino Aranciata Amara.  One more reason to return to Europe very soon.)


The Quattro Stagione pizza is sometimes served with the four “seasons” mixed like you see here, and sometimes with the “seasons” separate on four quarters of the pizza.  This one was definitely my favourite.  I am getting hungry just looking at the picture.  (Is your mouth watering just a little?)  No local pizza comes close to this.  How is that possible?  What makes it even more amazing is the fact that this is the view from our table:



Following lunch (as per our habit…) gelato!


Today’s selection: banana, stracciatella, lemon, hazelnut. As always, yummy!

All that’s left for a perfect day is a sunset drive, and the dream of another beautiful day tomorrow…





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