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The Joy in the Journey…

We are all finding it hard to believe that we are home again after such an amazing adventure…  Returning to daily life is always a shock after the unpredictable excitement of life on the road.  Still, we are reminded of the fun and festivities by looking at the many photos that we took (six thousand or so – we had four cameras on the go!) and by sharing the stories of our experiences with our friends, family and each other.  For the past week (in my spare moments outside of doing laundry, recovering from jet lag, and preparing for a new school year) I have been working on organizing the photos into some kind of sense in order to share them here with you…  I am thrilled to do so as it makes our fantastic holiday last just a little bit longer!  I hope you find some beauty in the images along the way…  this incredible gift is meant to be shared!  Here are the first of many (not quite six thousand) photos from our family holiday and excerpts from the journal I kept while we were away…  Stay tuned for more!


Such a long and exhausting journey with two very over tired children and one anxious mother-in-law in tow raises questions about how wise this undertaking may be.  Two days, five countries, two airplanes, three airports, two car rides (one long hot one) and a large number of squashed blueberry muffins later…


5000 miles of blue, blue sky…


It is worth every difficulty (real or imagined!) ten times over. It is amazing.


When we arrive at the Venice airport we are greeted by  a large sign that reads “Life is a voyage. Every voyage is a story.” This is the story of this life’s voyage, and it has had a beautiful beginning!


The first view of the familiar campanile hooks us like an anchor every time.  For the third time in my life I feel overflowing joy as my husband drives through tears with the anticipation of seeing the family that is regularly so far away…


(Photo by Miss G.!)

Next comes the smell – the dry dark green spicy scent of old old cypress trees.


In that first shocked silent moment of breathing in and breathing out we stop long enough to listen for the layers of sounds: cicadas in the bushes, finches in the trees and all around, roosters way off in the distance, goats and sheep from the field next to the cemetery, bells from the church tower marking the hours and adorations…

Laughter, tears, kisses, broken helpless Italian (mine) and joyful exclamations in jumbled Italian/English/village dialect from everyone all at once…

So very very worth it…

A beautiful beginning.



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