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Next Stop: Venice!

Our family holiday is coming up quickly, and we are busily reacquainting ourselves with all things Italian. We have had the Claudio Villa albums on constant play and have read and reread our collection of Italian books, brought back from our last trip so many years ago now. We are getting in the mood!


For my littlest one this is a big set of firsts: first plane ride, first visit to a country that doesn’t speak English, first meeting with many family members, first real gelato!

His big sister thought these two of her favourite books would help him know more before the adventure begins…


This book is a reprint of the original 1961 edition – I am so glad it was reissued! It is part of an amazing travel series for children, and both the text and illustrations are great. It has a very mid-century feel, but manages to be just the perfect blend of vintage-modern-classic.







(I love every page in this book but I can’t show them all – if you are interested at all in Venice – or classic children’s books- you should definitely own this one!)

Next up:


Ian Falconer’s inspired creation Olivia takes us with her to Venice. All the Olivia books are brilliant (especially Olivia Helps With Christmas) but of course this one has a special place on our shelf…


Another distinctive artistic style: modernist mixed media using photographs and cartoons to create the unique world ideally suited to a small pig with a big personality…


If you’re counting, Olivia stops for gelato six times. We aim to outdo her.

Venice is the inspiration of dreams for many people… We are looking forward to living the dream soon! (Any guesses about how many pictures we can manage to take? Hopefully there will be some great ones to share!)



8 thoughts on “Next Stop: Venice!

    • I’ve only been back for four days and I am wishing I lived there too! The first thing I always do is check the real estate listings – fuel for fantasia di Lara… (I think we could afford the Giudecca!) Photos coming soon. Still working through all 6000 of them!


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