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Deep Cove…

My daughter (ever the list person like her Mama) is keeping track of our summer vacation schedule

One of our favourite field trips every July is the pilgrimage to Deep Cove on the North Shore to visit a great friend…


This year, as my children are old enough to manage the effort (hooray!) we drove over to Cates Park for the afternoon. We started off at Little Cates (where we had the entire playground to ourselves), and then when we were played out we took the gorgeous walk through the “forest” along the shore of the inlet to the big park…



The big park has an amazing playground too… Between the big heat we are enjoying and the time spent visiting with my good friend I didn’t have the energy for photos… However I did muster the energy to chronicle our well-deserved ice cream break…




If it had been closer to meal time we might have had a burger too – Cates Park has a Wally’s Burgers which we are quite fond of. (You can read about Wally’s Burgers at the New Westminster Quay here.)

After having our ice cream moment (two banana, one chocolate…) we spent some more time exploring the park…





(Photos by my daughter – the artist!)

Cates Park has many places to play but my little ones were happiest here at the beach…


This park is on the north side of Burrard Inlet, and further west from the park we visited last week…

It reminds me that living so close to these natural wonders is a gift to use and appreciate. We were happy to do so! On our way back to our regular life (via Little Cates) we stopped to explore the ruins of an old sawmill from the early 20th century – abandoned in 1941 or so – which was a magical place for kids to explore…


(Furiously working on daisy chains… One of the best new things learned today!)


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