From the classroom...

Playing to Learn…

Due to unsettled weather we postponed our family field trip planned for today – instead my children were left to their own devices and invented a game to play…


This play, in my mind, is the best part of summer… real creativity is always born out of moments of open mind – otherwise known as boredom

My little ones started off designing and drawing donuts, cookies and bakery treats. In an effort to include their tired Mama (who was attempting to read a novel, it’s summer!) they started assembling baked goods for “sale” and designing their own paper money…



An afternoon of busy planning led to a full fledged bakery…




This kind of play has so many benefits – my children were completely engaged for hours and worked together to build their business. There were store signs, logos, staff uniforms, ad campaigns…best of all my youngest child was using math!. With paper “money” in denominations of 10$, 20$ and 100$ (who couldn’t spend that much in a good bakery?) we worked to buy items and make change… How much is 10$? What is half of that? How do you make change for your “customers”? This is absolutely the best kind of learning- it is so intrinsic to the play it happens accidentally




We hope your summer has been filled – so far – with the joy of play, discovery and learning by default. Isn’t that just the best way? What should we play tomorrow?



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