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I am a list person. I like to categorize, organize, sort, stack and label things; this type of thinking requires a very detailed list. And sometimes a list of lists. And for a list person, “every check mark is (truly) a victory!” Every task accomplished, no matter the size or scope involved is another step towards order, structure and the betterment of humankind…

The end of the school year is that kind of a time. I have lists of lists piled on top of other lists, plans and requisitions and files to address…

So much work to be done! And still there is a giant need to plan ahead for the coming year… It becomes overwhelming.

And so I make my lists and check off one item at a time.

“There is nothing that cannot happen today.” (Mark Twain)

One by one each thing will get done, and once we have caught up there will be new and exciting challenges to take the place of the old ones!

The irony of teaching is that we are constantly preparing for the year behind us – no list can help us understand the mysteries of the future. And so we work to structure and control what we can – one check mark at a time.

What’s on your list?


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