From the art room...

Using All the Crayons…

Life is about a lot of things. I haven’t tried, but I’m sure if you google “life” and “quotes” you will find several million possibilities. The great thing about this quote from Ru Paul is that it doesn’t try to sum up life – the emphasis is just on the living.

“Life is about using the whole box of crayons…” (Ru Paul)

Whatever else might come to pass, you have been issued a box of crayons. It might be the standard school supply box of 24. It might be the economy box of 8 (or the super-economy restaurant issue pack of 3…) or it might be the deluxe edition with 64. No matter. The point is: use them. Use every bit of every colour at your disposal. Live in colour.


Start with a point. Then go from there in a line…


Suddenly things will start to take shape!


(Artwork by my four year old… inspired by Henri Matisse maybe?)

Adding colour to daily life – using the resources you have been given – will change the shape of your experiences. The best part about breaking out the colours on hand? Learning through experimenting! Mistakes create opportunities: if it isn’t working, change it!


(Art by my 8 year old…)

Life is too short to live without colour and detail. Every opportunity to share your colours makes the world more welcoming for all…




Every shade we choose to use gives a message to the universe. Thank you for this opportunity! I am making the most of the moment!




None of us know how many moments we have. Make the most of them – live colourfully.



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