Love Letters

F is for Fathers’ Day…

I am not the best observer of Father’s Day. (I am not the best observer of most formal occasions, as I prefer to make my celebrations when they occur and avoid them when they are prescribed.) Father’s Day over the years has been difficult for complicated reasons, and so largely I have ignored it and carried on with daily life.

However. I have come to a time in my stubborn adult life when these things are no longer up to me.


For the past week my house has been a bustle of “When is it Father’s Day?” and “Shhh. Don’t tell him!” My children think Father’s Day is an International Day of Note. They have been colouring, cutting, gluing and hiding their secrets with gleeful enthusiasm…



…their uncensored expressions of love for their father are equaled only by the love their father has for them:



…just looking at these pictures – moments I barely remember living through at the time- makes me suddenly aware of the reasons why Father’s Day is so incredibly important…


When I met Mr. Martini – fifteen years ago – I knew he was kind and devoted and passionate about life and family, but having children was not on our immediate “to do” list. We were living busy lives and working hard to build security for our future together. It wasn’t until we wanted children and then so heart-breakingly couldn’t have them that I realized how important fatherhood could be.


By absolute miracle we now have two incredible children, and they have made all the difference. Learning to parent alongside such an incredible partner has brought clarity and purpose to my daily life. Father’s Day is a celebration of that love that carries us through.

Happy Father’s Day!


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