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Literary Legacy – Little House on the Prairie…

My oldest child is a devoted reader. She has worked her way through so many books that her room is beginning to resemble a library… This past weekend she was ready for something new to read so I combed through the family bookshelf and this is what I found:


Oh, memories! Just looking at the faded yellow pages brings a rush of nostalgic feelings!



Here is the best part:


This book (actually the complete boxed set) was given as a gift by my mother (aka Mimi!) to my cousin Kim when I was only a year old. Mimi has long been the bestower of books – the set passed back to me when I was old enough to appreciate it and is now in the hands of my own little reader who is nearly at the end of the first book already! So much family history, wrapped up in a story of family history…


Laura Ingalls was born fifty years before my own grandmother. I can only imagine her life experience, and I don’t believe my children will be able to grasp how different their modern lives are, but maybe these books will plant the seed…


Every one of these books was inspiring and impossible to put down. I remember reading them one summer break while following my grandmother around Woodward’s department store… (Don’t read and walk! Very dangerous!)







Today I am grateful for the book loving legacy gifted to me by my mother, and for the history passed down to us by those pioneers who set out on the brave adventure that led to the life we live today…

“There is time enough for the things that matter if the time is rightly used.” (Laura Ingalls Wilder)



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