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At the Farm (Baby Goats!)

As always, this weekend at the Martini house went by quickly! We spent an entire day at the European Festival (post coming – so many photos!) and another day at the dance studio (plus worked in a birthday party!) but the absolute highlight was the trip to the Langley goat farm to choose two baby goats for Mimi’s goat yard. There is no better way to entertain (my) children than to set them loose on a farm. Have a look:


Walking down to the barn from the house…


(clearly built with love by the owners)


…to meet the local residents. A Zebu cow…


…one of the horses…


…and the many charming goats. How could we choose just two?







My kids are not strictly “city kids” – they spend a ton of time outdoors in the “wilderness” – but being out in nature never gets old for them. They were in love.









Still, we were supposed to be picking out Mimi’s new goats…



Wait – this one is cute…



…and so is this one. Done.

Two little sister goats to run and play at the Pinantan goat yard. Two more reasons to visit! Now all we need to do is choose their names! Suggestions?

A few more shots for the road…






Now we mark our calendars and count the days until the baby goats are ready to leave their mamas…




We can’t wait to share pictures of these little girls in their new home. Stay tuned!


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