From the classroom...


This is the time of year when we are sailing toward summer. One month left of school has children and teachers thinking about the holidays to come and all the things to be done between now and then…

This tightly scheduled time can lead to difficulties – patience is stretched and so are our resources.

The difficulties make us who we are, but in the rush of collecting assignments and completing paperwork we can miss the little moments that have meaning …




We adults may lose sight of the big picture, but the children never forget. If anything, this pressure makes them more aware of their struggles and supports as we “sail” to the finish.
I am honoured to be a part of their lives, and they are so much an inspiration in mine.

The best part of this week?


Our Sixth Grade class – taught by me five years ago! – designed “Leader-Ships” to highlight those adults in their lives who act as leaders… I was thrilled to see my name represented… It helps me remember that even when it isn’t smooth sailing, I am a part of the leadership team on the journey. We are on our way together!

Qualities of leadership (by grade six):
Kind, honest, persevering, devoted, encouraging, organized, motivated, helpful, wise, caring, responsible, loyal, respectful, wise…

I can only aspire to those amazing qualities! How do you show leadership in this unsettled time?


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