From the archives...

Mother and Child…

I am not a great celebrant of Mother’s Day. This is leftover from the early days of my marriage when we wished so desperately for a family, and grieved so painfully for each lost hope, that I am still empathically aware of those who might be tired of seeing the mushy sentiments and flowers associated with the occasion. Now that I am a mother, though, I am passionately aware of the life’s work that motherhood entails. It is, as I said to an expectant father last week, not for amateurs. (He found my comment wildly amusing, as he felt that parenthood was in fact intended only for amateurs. He is about to be enlightened.)

As I was reflecting yesterday, I am grateful to (and often in awe of) both my mother and grandmother. They did so much with very little, and with the odds against them both. Each of them were pioneers in their own time. Today, in honour of those pioneers of motherhood, a trip through the archives…

(My great grandmother with her first born children…)

(My grandmother and her first born…)

(My grandmother with my mom…)

(My aunt with her firstborn…)

(My mom and me!…)

(M grandmother and me…)

(Mimi and me…)

Time passes. Daily life consumes our free time and our focus. And yet at the heart of it all is this incredibly complex gift – mother and child – that sustains the cycle of life and the world as we know it… It is the most challenging task I have undertaken, and the most rewarding. For the gift of motherhood, and with great appreciation to the mothers who made me, I am so very grateful!




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