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S is for Silence…

As I have written recently, much of life is waiting and much is repetition. In those moments it is often useful to me to contemplate the qualities of silence

When I was at UBC for my education degree I had an unconventional teacher (the very best kind) who brought our class out into the forest and had us find a place to sit alone, in silence. In my secluded spot I watched a spider weaving a web and then the afternoon sun filtering through leaves in more shades of green than I could count… So much happens in silence.

That same teacher told us that whatever our faith tradition my be, it was necessary to find it in silence. God loves silence – there is so much of it in creation. As Mother Teresa said, “in silence you can find prayer, in prayer you can find faith, in faith you can find love…”

“Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.” (Carl Sagan)

I spend my days in a school (noisy) and the rest of my life with my own two children (noisier) but in the few silent moments that come my way I have discovered the wisdom of Mother Teresa’s words…

I am a mother – I am grateful for that gift each day – and I pray as a mother for the children I am parenting and for the children that I teach. These prayers give me the faith I need to see their futures filled with possibility, the love to look beyond the difficulties in the moment, and that leads in turn to silence again – the gift of a quiet heart.


When I think about the gifts my children have given me I have to give credit to my own mother (Great job Mimi!) who set me on this path…


And to my grandmother, who pioneered the way…


We miss her. But I know in the silence that she is sending us her love and prayers too.



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