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Waiting is not easy. I have faced that trial myself many times lately, as I am living with a tiny tyrant, recently four years old, who often insists that waiting is only one breath away from certain death. For him waiting is a challenge. (But he is not alone!)

So much of life is spent just passing the time between one long moment and the next…


Bus stops…


Line ups…

You know. We all live through the maze of waiting life presents us, and yet each of us responds to the process differently.

When in need of unconventional wisdom I always turn to picture books. Of course Dr.Seuss has something to say on the subject:




We’re all waiting for something – the difference comes in how we wait. We wait all winter for spring, we wait in spring for summer, then summer is hot and that leaves us longing for fall which gets wet and muddy which makes us wish winter would arrive… And so on.

If life continues in this cycle of discontent with every moment and wistful wishing for something better to arrive well… we’re missing the best part.


(Teacher aside: A few years ago I began the transition out of the classroom and into the learning resource department. One of the first courses I took was about executive functions – one of which is the rare and wonderful skill inhibition. Otherwise known as: waiting. Incidentally, the ability to wait is one if the BIGGEST predictors of successful adult life. Research says.

Just for fun: watch the Marshmallow Test – A short brilliant video which illustrates the struggles with inhibition faced by children everywhere.)

When my children say (possibly my least favourite words) “I’m bored“, I give the same response. Only boring people can ever be bored. Interesting people can always entertain themselves.
(Image via the impossible cool…)

My very favourite thought on the subject of waiting, from the very best family movie I can think of:

Mr. Edward Magorium: 37 seconds.

Molly Mahoney: Great. Well done. Now we wait.

Mr. Edward Magorium: No. We breathe. We pulse. We regenerate. Our hearts beat. Our minds create. Our souls ingest. 37 seconds, well used, is a lifetime.

(From Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium – if you haven’t seen it, I hope you do!)

So for today:
breathe, pulse, regenerate, create, ingest and use well this short lifetime. Every moment has it’s purpose – sometimes to discover it we have just to wait.


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