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Sun, Sun, Sun – Here It Comes…

This week in my world is busy. That is a big oversimplification, but to go into more detail makes me feel like I should be breathing in and out of a paper bag to avoid hyperventilating, so I’ll leave it at that. I try to remember that everyone has a busy life, and that no one wants to hear about my tribulations, so I work on not over sharing and then spiralling down into a vacuum of negativity and pity…
That’s not fun.

Instead, I breathe deeply, I look up, and then I look around for blessings to count. There are many. I have an amazing husband (amazing) who pitches in a lot even when our life isn’t off the charts. I have two loving, creative children who are fun to be with (most of the time)… And I have a job that I love to do, with the flexibility to spend time with the people I love because that is important too.

Today I had the incredible fortune of finding “the eye of the storm”.


I had a few hours to spend just with my son, despite the swirling madness that makes up our life this week. We had a great time learning some martial arts. Afterwards I visited his preschool for snack and sharing time – priceless.

Important to note – it is hot in Vancouver today. Really hot. Time for an ice cream treat out of the corner store freezer selection (I wish I had a photo of the options – not just fudgesicles and creamsicles anymore!) So many delicious looking choices, we took a long time deciding.

Then we were off to the local park, where we spent over an hour playing with every possible piece of equipment…




Weather – amazing. Flowers – amazing. Chance to be part of a special adventure with my little one – priceless.





It only takes a day of sun in this grey/cold/rainy west coast city to bring out the best in people. Suddenly we’re all smiling and nodding and holding the doors and saying “no, no – you first!” The warmth steaming up from the grass invades our chilly early spring hearts. The sparkle reflecting in daily life makes the regular (traffic, lineups, construction, very busy schedules) seem jubilant. We are all in this together. And (as my friend Rose used to say) it’s a beautiful thing.




On the last day of April – for poetry month…

Ramona Street on a Hot Summer (or Spring in Vancouver) Day

You can hear the whack
of a tennis ball against the plastic bat.
You can smell Ms. Lowry’s
honeysuckle bush
that grows along her fence.
You can lick an ice cold popsicle
from Petey’s ice-cream truck.
You can feel Joey’s sprinkler water
tingling on your skin.
There’s no place I’d rather be
than Ramona Street
on a hot summer day!
(Betsy Franco)


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