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Last Will and Testament

I read something particularly moving today. A friend of my mother’s died recently, after a great life and a long illness. She has eloquently written a memorial herself, and included there his last will and testament. These words from his life journey are wrapped in humility and wisdom, and offer the exact insight I needed to hear… With permission, I share them with you today:

Last Will and Testament of Reverend Doctor Pavel Dimotoff

“I was born, through no fault of my own, to a Russian father, and a Scotch/Irish/Haudenosaunee mother.

I love my life passionately, and thank the Creator everyday for it.

“O Cosmic Birther of All Radiance and Vibration, Soften the Ground of Our Being and Carve Out a Space Within Us Where Your Presence Can Abide!”

Even when I was very young the Creator has been with me, and the times I have shut up and listened were the best in my life.

I have learned many things. Four stand out.

Do not be afraid to laugh, it is our defender against disease and complacency. Laugh a lot!

You may have anything you want, make sure you want it, it will come to pass.

You have two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, and one mouth, look, listen, and breathe twice as much as you speak.

We have a job as burgeoning humans, it is to be in Awe of the Creators creation, no other animal can do it and it so needs to be done, to revel in the beauty of a tree, or a flower, or the love in a Young mothers heart. Do your JOB!
It will make you happy, I promise.

I have lived a life others have only dreamed or read about, very few regrets plague me. Things I have done I wish I had not, and some I wished I had, but very few. I leave with few friends, but very dear ones, I really wish none to cry for me, wish me well as they might soon follow.”

Find the people you love tonight and love them with your whole heart. Our time is short – make great use!



2 thoughts on “Last Will and Testament

  1. ANNA BALDWIN says:

    I will always cherish knowing Pavel, and remember his kindness, compassion and wisdom. It is he who re-minded me to “Be happy for no reason”. And he taught me the Eleventh Commandment: “RELAX!”

    Thank you for honoring him.

    *bowing Respect and Appreciation*


    • Thank you for reading. I wrote this post some time ago, but it happens that I needed to read it again myself just now. Being happy for no reason, for EVERY reason, is a great gift. Thank you for sharing!


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