Love Letters

T is for Tulips…

Spring does not always come easy. As I often tell my children, everything worth having must come with effort, and is all the better for it. So Spring comes with stops and starts. One morning is warm and sunny, the next is frosty or back to grey. The restlessness of the changing season wrestles inside each of us. We are unraveling our winter selves and recreating them for Spring.

“Deep in their roots all flowers keep the light.” (Theodore Roethke)

I find myself squinting slightly at the bright light, and surprised at every bud or blossom opening up to the season. So brave, as we are still waking up to morning frost…


As I shake off the layers of winter and stretch myself to the new season I think of what changes have taken root over the winter. I think of the changes that have shaped my understanding, my relationships, my actions.


This winter has lead to a new season of communication in my world. I have started to document my daily life as a wife, mother, teacher, learner… The process both takes and gives energy, but it also takes time. Time is the most precious commodity in family life. My family has given me the gift of time, and I hope to return their gift with energy and love…


My favourite flower has always been the tulip, and every Spring I wait (im)patiently for them to arrive in season at the flower shop. In my mind the tulip blossoms are a sign that simpler times are about to arrive – no jackets needed, no boots or gloves – the slender tulip silhouette speaks of an easy season on our doorstep with freshness and bright colours to soothe our winter worn senses. I look (longingly) at the bunches clustered in buckets but resist the temptation to buy them and then…


And then… Mr.Martini came home with the groceries and a special gift for me…

I am cherished. I am known. I am valued and loved in the midst of life’s shifting seasons, and for that I am so grateful.


As long as we have known each other, Mr. Martini has brought me tulips in spring. Sometimes I have taken photos, and sometimes I have drawn them…


More than any other spring flowers,




…(all so lovely!)…

tulips are simple… sweet… classic…



Calm your worries. Open your eyes. See the change of the season (within and without!) and explore the possibilities in it – deep, deep in your roots your light is waiting too.

(Not to be outdone – my daughter created a tribute to tulips that had to be included.)



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