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Paint and Play…

My kids love to paint. Often I am asked how I get them to paint, and the simple answer to that is I don’t. They paint because they love the process – I give them the space and the tools, and they do their thing.

Sometimes they need some guidance, and so I help them with planning their projects. Big canvases take time and initiative to complete – my children have a strong concept of what they want to make but they aren’t sure how to get there – that part is my job!

Our latest project was a large canvas bought for them by their grandmother (thank you Mimi!) and it needed to be something big to fill the space. We talked about many ideas but settled on an ocean theme – something meaningful to all of us, for many reasons. The ocean!


We propped the canvas up (it is huge – four feet by four feet) in our dining room and rummaged through the paint box.


We started with some blue and a lot of white. (Both my kids love to mix paint. They use a lot of white.) The entire canvas was painted blue/white with a wide brush. This part took the longest. It is a big canvas!


Then the real colour mixing fun started. We used big brushes and different blues, whites and greys to make the water. Each of my children painted on one side of the canvas (our dining room table was in between…) and then they would run around the end if the table to switch sides. Kind of like “musical canvas”.



At the bottom of the canvas they wanted to make a beach that looks like the one we love to visit in Whiterock. My daughter and I were playing around with mixing the paint colours when we realized our youngest painter was busily making a beach. He was using a fat round brush And pressing it onto the canvas making a bumpy pebbles “beach”. Brilliant.




The painting was lovely and possibly finished, but the big blue “sky” was too perfect. How could we make clouds look like they belonged in our sky? Brushes and sponges were too rough for what we wanted. If “traditional” tools wouldn’t work- what would?


Tada! One plastic sandwich bag and a big squirt of plain white paint…


We agreed that it was good and left our giant masterpiece to dry. My kids were very pleased. Because we had the paints all out, and because my daughter had a friend come to play, we had a chance to paint some more the next day. Here are the mini masters at work-



And here are their mini masterpieces…





Finally our ocean scene is dry and ready to hang. The texture from the different painting techniques are amazing.




Amazing, right? The textures up close are so unique. We love it. I hope you do too! And I hope most of all that you follow your own inspiration and find the joy in creating as much as we have!


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