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Queens Park

I was born (and mostly raised) in New Westminster, as was my mother. As a result, I have spent a lot of time in Queens Park through the years: playing at the playground (where there used to be a trolley/zip line that crashed into a tower of tires…), walking the family pets, visiting the “zoo” and gardens, hanging out with friends, going on “dates”, and now as an adult playing with my own kids. For part of my life we lived walking distance from the park, but my grandmother lived almost next door until she was 93 years old – Queens Park was just “the park” – it was ours. To me, it is still a special place.


Over Spring Break our family had a few free hours and some decent weather so Mr. Martini suggested we pick up lunch and take the kids to play. Brilliant! (It’s true – he frequently is the “brains” of our operation. Don’t tell him I said so.)

This time we stopped on our way for lunch at Chronic Tacos – part of the ongoing Fish Taco quest.
Because life isn’t life without hot sauce. We took our lunch to go and drove up the hill to the park. My son loves my old neighbourhood, and especially “all the pointy houses”. Who knew? (Coincidentally – we came across another movie being filmed. Good news for the BC film industry?)

Verdict? Recommended! Messy and delicious. No time to savour though – time to play.







The playground is really wonderful. There are different areas for different age groups and plenty of room for kids to roam around. The climbing ropes are fantastic, and the play structure with slides is a great hold out from my playground days…

In the spring the petting zoo will open up – it’s the only place I have ever seen a peahen with babies – and in the summer the rose garden is amazing. We will have to go back for more photos!



Sun, lunch, family, park – everything we need together in one place –

“Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life.” (Albert Einstein)


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