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Fly, fly away…

This past weekend I lay in bed and listened to the birds. They were singing their heads off like crazy and I wished for a minute that I could join in their conversation… What do birds sing about? Is it just wind direction and barometric pressure?

“He learnt to communicate with birds and discovered that their conversation was fantastically boring. It was all to do with wind speed, wing spans, power-to-weight ratios and a fair bit about berries. Unfortunately, he discovered, once you have learnt birdspeak you quickly come to realize that the air is full of it the whole time, just inane bird chatter. There is no getting away from it.”
― Douglas Adams, Life, the Universe and Everything

I didn’t think about it again until this afternoon when I was finishing up at work. Outside my office window was an incredible noise – dozens of spring robins were visiting on the hill there. I stopped just to listen – the enthusiasm of their bird songs is contagious.

As a child I dreamed of flying. I loved those dreams of freedom and adventure, and that dizzy stomach feeling of no gravity as I pushed up into blue sky…

I kept that dream of flying for many years- sitting at my bedroom window and wishing out at the “city” lights, thinking of flying away…

At 16 I was introduced to the work of Lou Reed with his album “New York” – I sang my dream of flying away along with Lou and “Dirty Boulevard”…

I want to fly away
I want to fly
Fly, fly away
I want to fly
Fly, fly away
Fly, fly away
Fly, fly away
Fly, fly away
I want to fly

At 19, I found an old vinyl copy (1969!) of the Easy Rider sound track at a record shop on Granville Street. It has this gem of a song on it – also about the quest for flight-

“If You Want To Be A Bird”
Why be shackled to your feet
When you’ve got wings
You haven’t used yet
Don’t wait for heaven
Get out and fly

Just glide there
Through the clear air
Making figure eights
Through the pearly gates
Where the soul and the universe meet

If you want to be a bird
It won’t take much
To get you up there
But when you come down
Land on your feet


Something about the life of a bird, the freedom to leave the earth behind, was always so romantic. I carried that idealistic feeling all the way into my adult life, so much that even the sound of the birdsong in Spring brings energy and excitement to my daily life…

Do you ever feel that the freedom of flight could carry you away? Can you listen closely and hear the call of spring, of change, of new ideas, of possibilities just beyond what you can see?

Wishing your dreams for life take flight…

And lead you to a “land where joys will never end!”



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