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Journaling Journey…

In a recent rash of “spring” cleaning (also known as moving the piles of stuff from one part of the house to another) I unearthed some old scrapbook/journals I had saved for so long they seem like ancient history. My daughter was fascinated with the magazine clippings, illustrations, quotes and mementos cut and pasted together to represent the things that inspired me as a teen, and then later in university too. Seeing them through her young eyes, I felt I was looking at scraps of my young self again, covered over in layers and layers of newer and newer me.

Johnson Street, Victoria











Those early journals are like a distant ancestor to the online blogs I eventually discovered while I was home after my children were born. I was searching for inspiration and identity in my “new” life as a parent and found so many creative, open, innovative people making their own scrapbook of life to share with the world of the internet…

The genuine family stories of travelling mama, the colourful creativity of a beautiful mess and the gorgeous but simple European styling of sharon santoni were like lighthouses when I needed a beacon. They are all amazing women living strong, creative passionate lives and taking the old world scrapbook/journal to new heights. I am just stepping out onto this path, inspired by those who have gone ahead, and looking forward to the adventure! Are you coming?



3 thoughts on “Journaling Journey…

    • I had forgotten all about that. It’s such a different world now – your grandchildren can keep a digital record of every thing they do or love. I stretch to remember snippets of wallpaper patterns or the shape of a chair… What do you think the future of creativity will look like with access to so many visual memories?


  1. Even though you stretch to remember, the memories are still there. Having access to everything you have ever thought or created is always there. The creative process needs to be encouraged, maybe taught in school. You link your memories, maybe disparational thoughts and can fill in the gaps and make associations. The kids are just going to have more immediate or sometimes instant access to more raw material to be creative with. Watch Giorgia for sure will be an architect of change! GL will build it.


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