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Holding On

I recently read two biographies of Audrey Hepburn – three if you count the picture book Just Being Audrey which was lovely – but the one written by her son Sean, An Elegant Spirit, was the most moving and inspiring biography I have come across. She truly was an elegant spirit, and valued love and family above all else. There are many things in life to value and hold onto. Which ones will endure?


I have said (many times! I know!) that my marriage was the best decision I ever made. It’s still true! By the time we were married, Mr. Martini and I had only known each other for three years. I knew already that he was smart and kind, and that he worked harder than anyone… but I didn’t know that he would be so amazingly able to hold on – when it seemed like everyone else was letting go…

That he would be my steady partner in finding the enduring things in life to value…

That kind of knowing takes time to learn and grow. It takes living through happiness, through heartache and heart break… It takes compromise and patience and letting go of the little things. It takes time.


This Chagall painting was a card from a friend just before our wedding (so many years ago now!) and it evokes that feeling of holding on for me every day – I keep it above my desk to catch my eye and remind me of that tie that holds me safe.

And then…



And then…



As Audrey said- “The best thing in life to hold onto is each other.”

Life is a gift. You might not have the life you dreamed of. You might not have the life you want. But you have life – and that is worth holding onto, for sure.


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