From the archives...

Looking back…

Yesterday my children inspired me to write about change. For them change is a natural, great adventure – they are new and flexible in this world.

Next to their energy and enthusiasm I feel old and brittle and tired sometimes, and I wonder how I got here, or where all the time has gone since my days of new and flexible energy.

Then, looking back, I have this wondering thought – worded so eloquently by C.S. Lewis: “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.”

Isn’t it?

So I found myself looking back to see how much has changed, and discovered instead some things that have stayed just a little bit the same- moments of joy and laughter (and exuberant fashion choices!) that weave together to make my now. This is where I come from, and although many many things have changed, I am grateful for the style and love and inspiration that made it possible for me to have the wonderful privilege of now.








We all come from somewhere, and we’re all going somewhere, but we aren’t doing any of it alone. Looking back can give some insight into the path that brought us this far, and maybe cast a light ahead to where we need to go…

But for all the changes that have come and gone it’s comforting to know that family is built on acceptance, forgiveness and love – and I hope those things never change.


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