From the garage...

Stories from the road…

Sometimes life feels like it has slowed right down. We are moving along with the traffic and wondering which lane to change into in order to get back up to speed… Or maybe we’ve given up and just put it in park to ride out the night.

Today at Casa Martini it feels like we’ve hit a few speed bumps, or maybe a road block or two…

Posted speeds, merging lanes and detours are all a part of getting out on the road. Sometimes we have to remember that we are not in the drivers’ seat –


But with the right directions we can get back in the race.


Lane changes, life changes; they are all tiny parts of this great big road trip we’re on together. As the miles click by I realize more and more how much easier it is to be with people who love the journey as much as I do – who can take the wheel on rough roads, or change a tire when things go flat…

Then suddenly you’re flying again!



It may still be winter and the roads still buried in ice and snow, but spring and sunshine are just around the corner – that wanderlust and need for adventure are waiting in the garage and dreaming of the open road ahead.


This “jellybean” is just the thing to keep the spark of adventure burning on the slow, dim days… Counting down the days to getting back out on the road, and back up to the speed of life!


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