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Winter calls…

I am blessed to live in a part of the world that has a very short winter season. We enjoy just enough snow to marvel at its clean crisp beauty, and just enough cold to make use of our fireplaces and night caps. When we get to midwinter, though, I find myself wishing for spring and sunshine. Just yesterday I marvelled at the arrival of the snowdrops in the late winter garden:


But winter has its own schedule and rhythm – so I woke this morning to find a very different picture:


Ta da! How quickly those tiny crystals pile up! It didn’t last the day – in fact just a few blocks away there was scarcely a flake to be found, much to the disappointment of my small son who desperately wanted one more chance to run and play in the wintry wetness. (Why does it always snow so much more on our block?)

As a tiny consolation, earlier this week at school my little one had made the “snowman” you see at the top of this page. Maybe this last push of winter will inspire a few more crafty winter moments as we wait just a little longer for the seasons to shift for real. Pour yourself a hot drink and settle in for another week or two…

“The silent snow posessed the earth…” (Alfred Tennyson)


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